My web design method of choice is self-hosted Wordpress using the Divi website theme. WordPress is one of the largest and most comprehensive web development technologies in existence and the Divi website theme is one of the most powerful tools available to design websites. After having our initial conversation about your branding and marketing goals, I set you up with a project management tool that best suits your needs so that we can start developing your copy write content and visual content. Then, once we have that content in place, I start designing the look and feel of your site based on the optimal experience we desire for anyone visiting the site and your current marketing objectives. After the site is designed, I can continue maintaining it for a monthly rate, or teach you how to take the reins. It’s all up to you.


When designing logos and other visual brand identity pieces, I start by studying your brand values, researching what your competitors are doing, and then coming up with concepts that I believe will represent you in the best light. I then use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to execute 3-6 mockups of those concepts and present them to you for initial feedback. After your initial feedback, I give you four official revisions and deliver the final product in file formats you can use for social media, web, billboards, business cards, and any other purpose. I also give you a PDF that anyone with Adobe Illustrator can edit, so if you decide to work with someone else in the future, it’s no sweat! It’s not about locking you in to be tied down to me, it’s about serving you the best I can and then giving you the tools to prosper.


Other than your website, your email list is arguably the marketing channel that you have the most control over. It’s harder than ever to reach people, but it’s still wort the investment and it still works! Email can be used as a director of traffic to your websites, your social media, your blog posts, and any other marketing objectives you are pursuing. Usually, my email marketing approach will consist of getting you on to a business email marketing platform like constant contact or mailchimp and then mapping out a campaign to grow your email list or achieve your other email marketing related objectives.


Social media is something that most business owners know they have to have a presence on, but don’t really know how to go about it. Either that, or it just seems to overwhelming. I help cut the overwhelm down to size by having a conversation about what your brand’s goals are and how the different social media marketing channels can help you achieve them in the long and short term. Social media is constantly evolving, so I stay abreast of the trends by watching and listening to the smartest people I can, like Terry Henry, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Stelzner/Social Media Examiner, and Sandi Krakowski, just to name a few. I am also a member of Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Society, an international power group of social media professionals dedicated to staying on top of their game.