Nigerian Youth Oragnization


The Nigerian Youth Organization is a New Jersey based non-profit group established to provide a socio-political outlet for young people of all backgrounds, particularly those of African Descent.


NYO came to IHSAAN MARKETING because they needed a professionally designed visual identity to represent their brand. During the discovery process, it was revealed that the brand had to have a visual connection to The African continent and represent strength in unity.


In order to visually represent the “strength in unity” concept behind the NYO brand, I turned to The Adinkra symbols of West Africa and soon found “BOA ME NA ME MMOA WO”, meaning “help me and let me help you”. Using this symbol as a starting point, I then added the colors and the outline of The African continent that you see below.

Ihsaan’s work on our logo has made a tremendous impact on my up & coming nonprofit. He’s very professional, on time, but most of all he know’s his stuff meaning great quality logos! My nonprofit now has this sense of identity that we’ve been missing for so long. I definitely recommend them for anyone looking for high quality logos at great pricing!

Olu Shola Brown

Nigerian Youth Organization