ihsaanMy main objective at IHSAAN MARKETING is to help businesses and brands tell their story to their potential customers. The purpose of this page is to tell you mine. On a recent episode of a podcast that I listen to called Dreams In Drive, Branding Expert Maya Ellious, said:

“If you want to build a brand, it’s important to confront your story. That’s what a brand is.”
-Maya Ellious

You probably know by now that my name is Ihsaan. You may have read a few of my blog posts or other pages on this site, but what you may not know is that IHSAAN MARKETING, as it currently exists, has been a two year plus journey.

The journey to this point began when I was a highly unfulfilled and depressed attorney. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say the summer of 2014 was a pretty dark time for me. In retrospect, I realize that I was dealing with particular health challenges that worsened my experience, but at the time, it just felt like hell. It felt like I had very little control over the direction of my life and I knew I needed a change.

Like many other entrepreneurs, my story is essentially one of a person that was unhappy with life and took a sharp detour to pursue his dreams. For me, that meant handing in my two week notice to the law firm that employed me. I had no real plan or job lined up, but decided to step out on faith. While I was contemplating my decision to leave, I was incredibly nervous, but something deep down inside told me that this was what I needed to do. I just had to believe that I would be able to figure something out.

Luckily for me, as time went on, I did figure something out. The figuring out started when I enrolled in The Spring 2015 Rising Tide Community Business Academy and decided to use it as a springboard to start a Digital Marketing business. The Community Business Academy consisted of 12 weeks of learning the ins and outs of small business operations, right from the amazing people over at Rising Tide Capital.

RTC Graduation

My Rising Tide Community Business Academy Graduation; June 2, 2015. What’s ironic is that I initially had no plans of attending the Community Business Academy, but actually attended an information session with the intention of providing moral support to my fiance Andrea!

Since graduating in June 2015, I’ve built my brand day by day, brick by brick. As I’m sure you know, building a business is one of the most incredibly challenging, yet rewarding things you can ever do. However, I consider myself to be a living testament to the fact that if you have faith and patience, YOU CAN DO IT. As of this writing, I’m happier than ever and making more progress toward my personal and professional goals every single day.

I share this with you because I’d like to inspire you to imagine what you’re capable of, then imagine what your brand is capable of, and the impact that you can have on the lives of others. I want to inspire you to know that you can do anything that you put your mind to, and most of all, I want to help you tell your story.

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