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Hello, I'm Ihsaan

I'm here to serve hard working business owners that need to have an effective online presence, but don't have the time to keep up with it all. I use branding focused web design, graphic design, email marketing, and social media campaigns to help you share your message. I also write a blog! View My PortfolioRequest FREE Consultation

5 Guidelines For A GREAT Website

In 2017, it goes without saying that your website is the centerpiece of your business’s online presence. The first priority of your site is to provide people with information. When a potential customer learns of your existence and wants to know more, chances are...
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5 Guidelines for a Great Logo

When I consult with business owners about their Branding and Marketing challenges, one of the things I’m tasked with most often is designing a visual brand identity (aka: your logo). Most entrepreneurs come to me with an idea of what they want it to look like, but...
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The Relevance of Your Brand’s Core Values

Let’s pretend that you are a potential client of IHSAAN MARKETING and we’ve just sat down at Starbucks or signed into our Skype session to conduct a consultation. When people seek consultations with a Branding & Marketing Communications consultant like myself,...
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Web Design Puzzle Piece

Your website is the nucleus of your brand’s online presence. You want to make sure it looks good on any device and is designed in a manner that makes it easy to find. My approach to building web sites integrates brand identity, marketing goals, and funtionality.

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Grapic DesignI use branding informed graphic design skills to create a visual identity that is memorable, consistent, and true to your brand’s core values. Don’t know what your brand’s core values are? Don’t worry! I help you figure that part out FOR FREE.

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EmailYour email list is the marketing channel that you have the most control over. It’s old fashioned but it works! I use my expertise in the latest email markerting platforms and knowledge of best practice email campaign tactics to get your message to your customer’s inbox.

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Social MediaYour customers and potential customers are on social media. You should be there also. I use my expertise in social media to help business owners run 1-3 month goal specific campaigns, optimize their social profiles, build brand community, and convert their social presence into something that makes a difference for their bottom line.

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